The Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) is an online tool provided by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO). The PACT helps employees and employers work out what employees need to be paid, what employees’ leave entitlements are, and the amount of notice employers and employees need to give when ending employment

The PACT is made up of four calculators:

  1. The Pay Calculator determines base pay rates, allowances and penalty rates (including overtime). It's the tool that FWO Infoline advisers use to answer your enquiries.
  2. The Shift Calculator determines the total shift payments for the period you select.
  3. The Leave Calculator determines your annual leave, annual leave loading, and sick and carer’s leave entitlements.
  4. The Notice and Redundancy Calculator determines the notice entitlements when employment ends, including the notice to be given and redundancy pay.