The Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award 2020 is an industry-based award. It covers employers in the industry of electrical services whose employees are performing electrical work. The employers must be electrical, electronic or communications contractors.

The award is very specific and only covers employees of electrical, electronic and communications contractors. This is important, as some employees may be performing electrical work, but are not employed by an electrical contractor. These employees will not be covered under this award. Other exclusions also apply.

The award describes electrical services as including the maintenance of electric power distribution lines and all associated work and the installation of electric light and power; and assembly, wiring, repair and maintenance of electrical installations and appliances, including assembling, installing, diagnosing, servicing and rectifying faults in:

  • electronic products
  • electrically operated refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
  • telephone communication devices
  • security alarm systems
  • fibre optic transmission lines and associated equipment
  • fire alarm systems.

The award also extends to other electronic systems not included in the above list.

Within the award, electrical work is divided into five streams of work:

  • Electrical—includes work connected with an electrical mechanic, electrical fitter or electrician.
  • Electronics/communications—includes work performed with electronic equipment, fire alarms, security systems and communications equipment.
  • Instrumentation—includes instrumentation work normally associated with electrical instrument tradespeople.
  • Refrigeration/air conditioning—includes work in connection with refrigeration and air conditioning, plant equipment or systems.
  • Lines/cable work—includes work connected with lines tradespeople and cable jointers in electrical/electronic distribution lines and systems.

The award does not cover employees who may be performing electrical work but are not employed by an electrical contractor.