Long service leave entitlements

Long service leave is a period of paid leave for employees who have been working with the same employer for an extended period of time. Long service leave entitlements may be provided for under the National Employment Standards and apply to all employees covered by the national workplace relations system. Alternatively long service leave may be provided by legislation in your State or Territory. Long service leave is generally paid at an employee’s ordinary rate of pay.

Long service leave entitlements depend on the relevant state or territory legislation, or the employee’s industrial instrument. Employees may be entitled to long service leave after continuous employment with the same or a related employer for periods ranging from seven to fifteen years.

Preserved long service leave entitlements

The National Employment Standards preserves long service leave entitlements in awards and agreements as they were at 31 December 2009. If an employee would not have had an entitlement under an award or agreement if they had been employed in the same circumstances on 31 December 2009, then their entitlement to long service leave generally comes from state or territory long service leave legislation.

Long service leave paid out upon termination

Upon termination of employment, employees may be eligible for a pro rata payment of untaken long service leave. This will depend on the appropriate legislation or arrangement that applies to the employee. If an employee is entitled to payment of long service leave on termination, then they must be paid their accrued long service leave entitlements at their current ordinary rate of pay.

Portable long service leave

For people who work on different projects for various employers, it is often difficult to accrue long service leave. This is the case for many workers in the building and construction industry.

As a result, Australian states and territories have passed legislation to provide building and construction workers with access to portable long service leave—regardless of whether they work on different projects or for one or more employers.

Industry-specific portable long service leave allows workers to transfer their accrued long service leave entitlements from employer to employer within the building and construction industry. Each state and territory in Australia has its own portable long service leave scheme for eligible employees.

You can find out which portable long service leave scheme may apply to you by referring to the table below.


Portable Long Service
Leave Scheme

Contact Number


Australian Capital Territory

ACT Long Service Leave Authority

(02) 6247 3900


New South Wales

Long Service Corporation

13 14 41


Northern Territory

NT Build

1300 795 855




1800 803 491


South Australia

Portable Long Service Leave

(08) 8332 6111




(03) 6294 0807






Western Australia

Construction Industry Long Service
Leave Payments Board

1800 198 136


State and territory long service leave departments

If you are not eligible for the portable long service leave scheme, or would like more information about long service leave entitlements, you can contact your relevant state body below.


State Department

Contact number

Australian Capital Territory

Worksafe ACT

13 22 81

New South Wales

NSW Industrial Relations

131 628

Northern Territory

Northern Territory Government

(08) 8999 5511


Business Queensland

(07) 3406 9999

South Australia

SafeWork SA

1300 365 255


WorkSafe Tasmania

1300 366 322


Business Victoria

13 22 15

Western Australia

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

1300 655 266