Tilers back-paid $21,043 in south east QLD

A tiling contractor based in south east Queensland has back-paid three former workers a total of $21,043 in wages as a result of a Fair Work Building & Construction (FWBC) audit.

FWBC Acting Director Brian Corney said the underpayment occurred because the employer mistakenly classified the workers as contractors, when they should have been engaged as employees.

“In this case, one of the workers was back-paid $19,000, so if you have concerns that you are not correctly classified it is worth coming to FWBC,” Mr Corney said.

“This situation, like many we see, was a result of the employer misunderstanding the definition of an employee and contractor.

“The employer was cooperative with Fair Work Building Industry Inspectors and voluntarily back-paid the outstanding amounts.”

The FWBC website features a dedicated page which can help employers to ascertain if their workers are employees or contractors.

“Every company that engages contractors in the construction industry should make sure they are classifying their workforce correctly,” Mr Corney said.

“The FWBC website, www.fwbc.gov.au, is an informative resource and we also have a hotline which is contactable seven days a week, 1800 003 338.

“Please come to us for assistance to avoid underpaying your workers and facing expensive back-payments such as this one.”

FWBC is the independent, standalone regulator of workplace relations laws in Australia’s construction industry.

*Note: FWBC is unable to identify the employer or workers

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