Standen v Feehan

Applicant: ABCC Inspector Michael Standen 

Respondent(s): Justin Feehan 

Date filed: 4 May 2006 


On 23 October 2008 Justice Lander imposed a penalty of $1,300 on Mr Feehan.


The ABCC alleged that in May 2004 a CFMEU union official, Justin Feehan, breached the WR Act when he attended a building site and hindered and obstructed those working at the site. It is alleged amongst other things that Feehan parked his vehicle in such a way as to prevent the delivery of concrete to the site.

On 3 July 2008 Justice Lander found Mr Feehan breached s.285E(1) of the Workplace Relations Act 1996.

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