Seamus Flynn v Construction, Forestry, Mining, Energy Union (CFMEU) & Justin Feehan

Applicant: ABCC Inspector Seamus Flynn

Respondent(s): CFMEU, Justin Feehan

Date filed: 27 May 2009

Court Findings:

The Federal Magistrates Court found the CFMEU, and its official Justin Feehan contravened s.38 of the Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act (2005) at the Flinders University site in Bedford Park, South Australia by holding a meeting with CFMEU members on 30 May 2008 outside the site and encouraging them not to return to work. The workers did not work for the remainder of the day.

Court Outcome:

Federal Magistrate Simpson imposed penalties of $17,000 on the CFMEU and a penalty of $3,000 on Mr Feehan.

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