Rights and responsibilities when on site

Union officials have specific rights once they are lawfully on site.

Rights of a union official while on site

Union officials who hold a valid federal right of entry permit may enter premises for the purpose of investigating suspected contraventions of the FW Act or FW instrument that relates to or affects a member of the Union they are representing.  When investigating suspected contraventions, union officials have the right to:

  • inspect any work, process or object relevant to a suspected breach
  • interview any person about a suspected breach
    • who agrees to be interviewed and
    • the union is entitled to represent
  • inspect and make copies of records of union members that are directly relevant to the suspected contravention and that are kept on the site or are accessible on a computer kept on the site 
  • inspect and make copies of any record of a person who is not a union member that is directly relevant to the suspected contravention and that is kept on the site or accessible on a computer provided the non-member has consented in writing or an order has been made by the Fair Work Commission
  • serve a notice on the employer to produce records or documents at a later date
  • use the employees regular meal room to hold discussions or interviews
  • exercise these rights without being hindered or obstructed.

Responsibilities of a union official while on site

While on site union officials should:

  • comply with the site occupier or other employer’s reasonable requests to:
    • comply with a work health and safety (WHS) requirement that applies
    • the route they should take to access rooms or areas
  • produce the permit holder's authority documents for inspection:
    • when requested to do so by the occupier of the premises or an affected employer
    • when inspecting or requesting records.

While on site permit holders should NOT:

  • use or disclose any information or document obtained when investigating a suspected breach for an unrelated purpose, unless authorised to do so by the FW Act
  • when entering to hold discussions, hold those discussions with employees other than during meal times or other breaks
  • misrepresent the authority granted to the union official under the FW Act
  • enter any part of a premises that is mainly used for residential purposes
  • intentionally hinder or obstruct any person or act in an improper manner.

Responsibilities of employers for site inspections

An employer, site occupier, or other person must NOT:

  • refuse or unduly delay entry to a permit holder entitled to enter the site
  • refuse or fail to comply with a permit holder’s request to produce or provide access to records or documents
  • intentionally hinder or obstruct a permit holder who is exercising their right of entry powers
  • intentionally or recklessly give an impression that doing something is authorised by the right of entry provisions of the FW Act when it is not. 

Need more information?

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