Rights and responsibilities

Industrial action

Industrial action can be lawful or unlawful depending on the circumstances.


Right of entry

Union officials may have a right to enter building worksites under certain circumstances.



Coercion is the act of organising, taking, or threatening action against another person with intent to coerce the other person to do or not to do something against their free will.


Freedom of association

All employees and contractors have the right to join (or not join) a union. Workers cannot be pressured by a union or by their employer to make a decision about joining, not joining or leaving a union.



It is unlawful for an employer to take adverse action against employees or prospective employees for discriminatory reasons.


Unlawful pickets

It is unlawful to organise or engage in conduct that prevents or restricts people from accessing or leaving building sites


Independent contractors

It is important to know the differences between employees and independent contractors.


Wages and entitlements

This section provides information about your workplace rights and obligations in relation to wages and entitlements.


Need more information?

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