General information for funding entities/recipients

Learn more about funding entity and recipient obligations for Commonwealth funded building work.


Directly Commonwealth funded building work

This video explains a number of Code obligations for funding entities and how the ABCC can assist.


Understanding Security of Payment

Subcontractors deserve to be paid on time. Their livelihood depends on it. In this video ABCC Commissioner, Stephen McBurney, explains the ABCC's Security of Payment role.


Coronavirus and Australia's workplace laws

The ABCC remains open to assist the building and construction industry. Visit to tailored information about your rights and responsibilities.


Tendering for Commonwealth funded building work

This video explains how to be eligible to express interest in or tender for Commonwealth funded building work.


Get the right start

Starting out in the building and construction industry? Get the right start to your career with this helpful video.


Who we are and what we do

Learn more about the ABCC and the role we play in Australia's building and construction industry.


Understanding minimum wage

Make sure your boss is paying by the rules. Everything you need to know about pay rates, hours of work, allowances and overtime is available on our website.


Basics of Code compliance

This video explains how to comply with the Code.


Picket against Botany Cranes

Building industry participants should not use coercive tactics to achieve industrial objectives. There are appropriate lawful avenues to achieve solutions to industrial disputes. Our website and the ABCC On Site app has information to help building industry participants understand their rights and responsibilities.


Getting it right: Security of Payment

In this video, watch how BMD Construction worked with us and learned what systems to put in place to ensure they met their obligations under the Code and to pay their subcontractors on time. We are available to provide advice and assistance to all building industry participants to help them understand how security of payment laws work in their region.


ABCC OnSite app

Download the free ABCC On Site app for your smartphone or tablet. The app puts information in your hands where you need it - on site.