All union officials who wish to exercise a right to enter a site must hold a valid federal entry permit issued under the FW Act. You can check if a union official holds a valid entry permit on the entry permit page on the FWC website.

We have compiled lists to help site occupiers to identify officials of building associations who either:

  • do not hold a valid federal entry permit
  • have conditions imposed on their federal entry permit

The lists have been limited to include persons who hold executive, organiser or field officer positions in building associations whose rules allow for membership by building employees.

We obtained the information in the lists for the purposes of carrying out our functions under the BCIIP Act, including:

  • Providing education, assistance and advice
  • Promoting and monitoring compliance with designated building laws
  • Promoting productive workplaces in the building industry.
No permit Roland Cummins
State QLD
No permit Scott Vink
State QLD
No permit Stephen Long
State VIC
No permit Tony Mavromatis
State VIC
Union AMWU
No permit Troy Gray
State VIC
Union ETU
Permit with conditions Walter Vinicio Molina
State WA

The conditions on Walter Vinicio Molina’s entry permit require that:

  • Mr Molina must undertake training approved by the Fair Work Commission in relation to emotion management. Evidence of attendance at such training and of its successful completion shall be provided to the Fair Work Commission within three months of the issuing of an entry permit.
  • If any findings are made or penalties imposed that are relevant to matters mentioned in section 510(1) of the FW Act then Mr Molina must notify the FWC within two weeks of the finding being made or penalty imposed.


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