Rights and responsibilities

These fact sheets cover key issues that affect building industry participants including coercion, right of entry, freedom of association, strike pay and industrial action.

Freedom of association in the building and construction industry

Freedom of association protections ensure all employees and contractors have the right to choose whether or not to join a union.


Right of Entry - What to do when a union official enters your site

A union official who wishes to exercise the right to enter a workplace must hold a federal right of entry permit and comply with the provisions in the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act).


Unlawful coercion

Coercion is the act of organising, taking or threatening action against another person with intent to force the other person to do or not to do something against their free will.


Industrial action

Industrial action is action that an employee, industrial association or employer may organise or engage in when trying to resolve a workplace dispute.

Industrial action includes strikes, work bans and lockouts.


Going on strike - be informed of the risks

Going on strike is a serious matter. If you choose to stop work without your employer’s prior and written agreement, you risk losing money through lost pay and fines.


Strike pay in the building and construction industry

Strike pay refers to the payment by employers of wages to employees for periods during which they were engaged in industrial action relating to building work. Industrial action not only includes strikes by employees, but also bans and work limitations relating to building work.


Need more information?

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