Peter Darlaston v Risetop Construction, Mika Rummukainen and Risto Rummukainen

Applicant: ABCC State Director Peter Darlaston 

Respondent(s): Risetop Construction Pty Ltd, Mika Rummukainen and Risto Rummukainen 

Date filed: 26 August 2010 

Court Findings: 

The Federal Magistates Court found Risetop Construction Pty Ltd and its directors Mika Rummukainen and Risto Rummukainen contravened s900(1) of the Workplace Relations Act in June 2009 by representing  that the contracts of employment under which five employees of Risetop performed work were contracts for services.


On 7 February 2011 Federal Magistrate Barnes imposed penalties of $10,000 on Risetop Construction Pty Ltd, and $2000 each on Mika Rummukainen and Risto Rummukainen.

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