Perth tiling company penalised for not paying worker in FWBC case

The Federal Circuit Court has ordered a Perth tiling company and its director to compensate a former worker $6000 in unpaid wages and entitlements.

The company, Zion Tiling and its director, Tae Young Yoon, were also ordered to pay penalties of $19,800 and $3960 respectively.

The employee worked for Zion Tiling as a tile layer. The employee was not paid for his ordinary hours, over time hours, annual leave, nor did he receive any rostered days off.

Fair Work Building & Construction (FWBC) Director Val Gostencnik said the company and Mr Yoon had breached numerous sections of the Fair Work Act 2009 including s44 Contravening the National Employment Standards and s45 Contravening a Modern Award.

“It’s unacceptable for staff not to be paid for their work,” Mr Gostencnik said.

“FWBC can help recover unpaid wages and entitlements for workers in Australia’s construction industry.

“Where appropriate, we can also initiate legal proceedings against organisations and individuals who may then be penalised for breaking the law, as we have done in this case.”

FWBC has recovered $1,402,962 in wages and entitlements since 1 June 2012.

For more information on this case, please see the Media Backgrounder which was issued when the case was filed.

FWBC is the standalone regulator of workplace laws in Australia’s construction industry.

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