Media Release
9 May 2019

ABCC takes court action over unlawful picket of Sydney crane company

The ABCC has filed Federal Court proceedings against the CFMMEU and several of its NSW officials over alleged unlawful pickets of a Sydney-based crane company on 25 and 30 January 2019.  
Media Release
8 May 2019

Federal court ups penalty for company paying strike pay

The Federal Court has increased a penalty awarded against building company J Hutchinson Pty Ltd from $1,200 to $20,000. The ABCC filed an appeal from the Federal Circuit Court’s original decision on the basis the penalty was manifestly inadequate.
Media Release
29 Apr 2019

ABCC alleges right of entry breach against Tasmanian CFMMEU official

The ABCC has commenced Federal Court action in Tasmania alleging the CFMMEU and its official Richard Hassett breached Federal right of entry laws at the Cattle Hill Wind Farm project site in Lake Echo earlier this year.
Media Release
26 Apr 2019

ABCC takes legal action against CEPU over unlawful industrial action

The ABCC has commenced Federal Court action against the CEPU and four of its officials following separate incidents at the Sydney Metro Trains Facility Site in Rouse Hill on 17 and 18 October and 14 December 2016.
Media Release
26 Apr 2019

ABCC alleges labour hire company and contractor discriminated against worker because of age

The ABCC has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court against labour hire company, Corestaff WA, and contractor, Gumala Enterprises, alleging they discriminated against a worker because of his age.
Media Release
23 Apr 2019

CFMMEU to face court for alleged coordinated strike action across Perth Airport rail sites

The ABCC has commenced proceedings against the CFMMEU and three of its officers, including WA State Secretary Michael Buchan, alleging they organised unlawful industrial action across three Perth Airport rail sites and were involved in a picket at the head contractor’s office.
Media Release
17 Apr 2019

ABCC takes court action against ACT CFMMEU over alleged unlawful picket and coercion

The ABCC has commenced Federal Court action in the ACT alleging the CFMMEU and five officials attempted to coerce a Canberra-based civil engineering company to make an enterprise agreement with the CFMMEU.
Media Release
15 Apr 2019

CFMMEU and officials penalised $58,500 following attempts to coerce crane company into enterprise agreement

The Federal Court in Brisbane has today imposed $58,500 in penalties against the CFMMEU, its State Secretary Michael Ravbar and fellow union official Andrew Sutherland over their unlawful action on the Legacy Way Port Connect Project in 2012.
Media Release
12 Apr 2019

Full Court increases penalties in Nine Brisbane sites appeal

The Full Federal Court has today upheld the ABCC’s appeal to increase penalties awarded against the CFMMEU over 16 strikes and work stoppages at nine Brisbane construction sites in August and September 2016.
10 Apr 2019

Contractor APM issued exclusion sanction following Building Code breach

Victorian building company APM Group (Aust) Pty Ltd (APM) and its related entity APM Holdings (Aust) Pty Ltd has been issued a one-month exclusion sanction for its failure to comply with state security of payments legislation.