Media Release
9 Mar 2018

CFMEU and 19 officials penalised $817,500 for “deliberate, flagrant and systematic” campaign in Queensland

The CFMEU and 19 of its officials have been penalised $817,500 after they shut down two major Brisbane sites in a “deliberate, flagrant and systematic” campaign aimed at forcing the sites’ head contractor to sign a CFMEU enterprise agreement.
Media Release
26 Feb 2018

Court penalises CFMEU “gatekeeper” for enforcing ‘no-ticket, no-start’ on Melbourne construction site

The Federal Court today imposed penalties totalling $105,000 against the CFMEU and a shop steward for stopping two workers, who were not financial members of the CFMEU, from working on the Quest Apartments construction site in Melbourne.
Media Release
14 Feb 2018

High Court rules in favour of ABCC: Court can order officials personally pay penalties

The High Court of Australia today confirmed the Federal Court can order a union official to personally pay a penalty and not seek reimbursement or indemnity from the union.
15 Jan 2018

Contractors - Model Clauses

Using the ABCC’s Model Clauses will help you ensure that you comply with the Building Code 2016 (the 2016 Code). You could be breaching the Code if you do not ensure that your subcontractors are Code compliant on Commonwealth funded building work.
15 Jan 2018

Funding Recipients – what has changed?

Updated Model Clauses and dedicated webpage To assist funding entities and funding recipients to apply the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 (2016 Code) on applicable building projects the ABCC has revised a number of key resources including:
Media Release
21 Dec 2017

Court penalises CFMEU $242,000 for ‘abusing’ entry rights at Footscray site

The Federal Court has imposed more than $240,000 in penalties against the CFMEU and two of its officials for deliberately disrupting work on a critical rail infrastructure project in Melbourne.
Industry update
20 Dec 2017

Industry Update November - December 2017

Welcome to the November - December 2017 edition of Industry update, our bi-monthly online newsletter.  Industry Update provides updates on the latest activities of the ABCC, industry trends, and emerging issues.
Media Release
21 Nov 2017

ABCC launches legal action against CFMEU alleging right of entry breaches in SA

The ABCC has launched legal action against the CFMEU and its SA organiser Mark Gava claiming the official breached right of entry laws at an Adelaide construction site.
17 Nov 2017

High Court Update: Union officials must hold a valid federal right of entry permit when entering under State or Territory OHS laws

The High Court today refused special leave to CFMEU official Michael Powell and the Victorian WorkCover Authority to appeal against a Full Federal Court ruling that officials of federally registered unions must hold valid right of entry permits under the Fair Work Act when entering sites under State or Territory OHS laws.
Media Release
10 Nov 2017

CFMEU penalised $54,500 after demanding Qld workers join the union

The CFMEU and two of its officials have been penalised $54,500 after attempting to force workers to join the union at a major Central Queensland construction site.