Media Release
11 Dec 2019

Company pressured by CFMMEU to dump AWU workers

The ABCC has commenced Federal Court action against the CFMMEU and two of its officials alleging they pressured a construction company to terminate its contract with a labour hire firm and replace it with one with a CFMMEU enterprise agreement.
Media Release
6 Dec 2019

Federal Court penalises CFMMEU $270,000 in landmark unlawful picketing case

In a landmark decision today, the Federal Court has for the first time handed down penalties of $270,000 against the CFMMEU for unlawfully picketing two Melbourne construction sites in 2017.
5 Dec 2019

Upcoming security of payment audits

The ABCC will soon be conducting a security of payment audit campaign for employers covered by the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 (Code). 
Industry update
26 Nov 2019

Industry Update November-December 2019 edition

Welcome to the November-December 2019 edition of Industry Update, our online newsletter for the building and construction industry. Industry Update provides information on the latest activities of the ABCC, industry trends and emerging issues.
Media Release
19 Nov 2019

ABCC alleges CFMMEU officials threatened and intimidated NSW crane workers and company

The ABCC has commenced Federal Court action against the CFMMEU and seven officials alleging they targeted Wollongong crane company WGC Cranes and its workers as part of a campaign to coerce the company to sign up to a new CFMMEU enterprise agreement.
Media Release
13 Nov 2019

Stop work over demand for bigger shed costs CFMMEU and officials $50,500

The Federal Court has penalised the CFMMEU $38,000 and two of its officials a total of $12,500 after they organised a work stoppage at a $30 million Brighton apartment project over demands for a larger site shed and dedicated female toilet.
Media Release
1 Nov 2019

Court penalises CFMMEU and its official $39,050 for ‘offensive’ and ‘unprovoked’ abuse of subcontractor

The Federal Circuit Court has today imposed penalties totalling $39,050 against the CFMMEU and its official Blake Hynes after he acted in an aggressive manner and abused subcontractor Enco’s general manager at the Logan Enhancement Project.
Media Release
30 Oct 2019

ABCC alleges actions of CFMMEU QLD state secretary and organisers threatened safety on major road project

The ABCC has commenced action in the Federal Court alleging the conduct of the CFMMEU and three of its officials led to work being halted during a critical bridge construction stage on the upgrade of the Bruce Highway from Caloundra to Sunshine Motorway. In its statement of claim, the ABCC is alleging:
24 Oct 2019

Federal Court confirms: Union officials must comply with federal right of entry laws when entering sites under State OHS laws

A landmark Federal Court decision on right of entry has reconfirmed that union officials entering work sites under State or Territory OHS laws must hold a valid Federal right of entry permit and must show that permit when asked to do so.
Media Release
23 Oct 2019

Federal Court decision reaffirms that union officials must comply with federal right of entry laws

The Federal Court has today ruled that union officials must hold and show a valid federal right of entry permit upon request when visiting construction sites for safety reasons.