Industry update
23 Jun 2022

Industry Update June 2022

In this edition of Industry Update we revisit the Respect@Work Report and explore what actions you can take to ensure your workplace is in line with the recommendations. We also answer industry questions following the 2022 federal election, provide litigation news and more.
Industry update
11 May 2022

Industry Update May 2022

Subbies deserve to be paid on time. Their livelihoods depend on it. In this edition we feature information about security of payment plus recent litigation news.
Industry update
21 Apr 2022

Industry Update - April 2022 edition

In this edition of Industry Update we feature two important developments for the industry with a High Court decision on penalties and the longest Building Code sanction imposed to date. We also look at a number of new cases filed and provide the latest litigation statistics.
Industry update
17 Mar 2022

Industry Update - March 2022 edition

We set the record straight on some myths following the recent Federal Court decision delivered on logos, mottos and indicia, including the Eureka flag, highlight our work in recovering wages and entitlements, court summaries and more.
Industry update
17 Feb 2022

Industry Update - February 2022 edition

It's essential union officials and site occupiers understand their rights and responsibilities in relation to right of entry which is why our February edition of Industry Update highlights this important issue, court summaries and more.
Industry update
25 Jan 2022

Industry Update - January 2022 edition

We start 2022 with our 100th case finalised. Our milestone January edition of Industry Update looks back at a selection of significant cases since the ABCC was established on 2 December 2016.
Industry update
8 Dec 2021

Industry Update - December 2021 Edition

The December edition of Industry Update is our 2021 legal retrospective, with case studies of the most common contraventions, including right of entry, coercion, wages and entitlements, and much more.
Industry update
16 Nov 2021

Industry Update - November 2021 Edition

The November issue of Industry Update puts a spotlight on sexual harassment in the construction industry by sharing key statistics, case studies, and findings of the Respect@Work report. Learn about the Fair Work Commission's new powers, including what they mean for building industry participants and how to access them if you experience sexual harassment.
Industry update
20 Oct 2021

Industry Update - October 2021 Edition

In the October edition of Industry Update we explain how to show your proof of vaccination for COVID-19, share highlights from our Annual Report, litigation news and more.
Industry update
16 Sep 2021

Industry Update - September 2021 Edition

In this edition of Industry Update we provide advice on COVID-19 vaccinations and the workplace, our 2021-22 Corporate Plan, the High Court's recent decision about casual employment, litigation news and much more.