The Code sets out the Australian Government’s expected standards for Commonwealth funded building work.

It covers matters such as:

  • Coercion
  • Freedom of association 
  • Right of entry
  • Dispute settlement
  • Sham contracting
  • Collusive tendering practices
  • Engagement of non-citizens/residents
  • Security of payment

The Code is a legislative instrument, which means it has the force of the law. 

The Code has been developed to:

  • Promote an improved workplace relations framework
  • Assist industry stakeholders to understand the expectations of building industry participants who wish to be involved in Commonwealth funded building work
  • Increase efficiency and cost savings
  • Increase the likelihood of timely, predicable, and cost-efficient delivery of Commonwealth funded building work
  • Establish an enforcement framework under which building contractors may be excluded from tendering for or being awarded Commonwealth funded building work.

The Code covers such matters as coercion, right of entry and sham contracting, along with our key topic for today – security of payment.

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