On 19 May 2021 the CFMMEU discontinued its application for an entry permit to be issued to Michael Greenfield, Assistant Secretary of the NSW Branch of the CFMMEU.

Mr Greenfield’s entry permit expired on 19 May 2021 and he is no longer authorised to exercise entry rights in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009.

The ABCC intervened in the Fair Work Commission’s proceedings opposing the CFMMEU’s application for the renewal of Mr Greenfield’s entry permit.

The ABCC submitted Mr Greenfield was not a fit and proper person to hold an entry permit.

On 19 May Mr Greenfield was penalised $100,000 for engaging in unlawful pickets against Sydney crane company, Botany Cranes, $65,000 of which was imposed as a personal payment order.

In relation to Mr Greenfield’s conduct during the Botany Cranes pickets, the Court said:

The threat was menacing, calculated and shameful. It was nothing less than industrial thuggery.

Michael Greenfield’s statement on 31 January 2019 to (the managing director), ‘If I were you, I’d f**kin’ sign it,’ his threat, ‘… what do you think will happen to you?’, followed up the next day by, ‘If you sign the EBA we will leave your sites alone,’ were not idle chit chat. They were overbearing threats, intended to be so, and they worked.

Coercion, undue pressure and other forms of industrial bullying have no place in our society. Michael Greenfield’s behaviour over the week beginning 25 January 2019 was shocking.

For a full list of officials who do not hold a valid federal entry permit or who have conditions imposed on their federal entry permit, visit the ABCC right of entry permit lists website.