The ABCC has today published updated guidance material to help stakeholders consider whether enterprise agreements are compliant with the Building Code 2016.

As stakeholders are aware, the guidance is in the form of a spreadsheet detailing the ABCC’s advice on the compliance of clauses from agreements that have been submitted by industry to the ABCC or the Department of Employment.  The spreadsheet contains examples of both compliant and non-compliant clauses. The updated guidance now contains approximately 1200 clauses.

As well as providing the industry with immediate access to extensive advice from the ABCC on Code compliance, the guidance material has the additional benefit of streamlining the assessment process by allowing stakeholders to conduct a preliminary review of their agreement before submitting it the ABCC.

The updated Guidance Material is available on the ABCC website.

Enterprise Agreement News Update

There is a significant amount of interest regarding enterprise agreements complying with the Building Code 2016. To ensure we can communicate more regularly with stakeholders the ABCC will be providing regular news and updates to industry. This will include notifying industry when resources are updated on our website such as the Guidance Material, FAQs and fact sheets as well as providing general advice and information on relevant topics about enterprise agreement assessments.  

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For more information on the Building Code, visit or call the ABCC Hotline on 1800 003 338.