The ABCC has recovered $28,514 in allowances for 12 workers as part of its labour hire audit campaign, which kicked off in September. Following the audit identifying the underpayment the employer worked with the ABCC to ensure the workers were reimbursed any outstanding money. The ABCC’s Wage and Entitlement Team is continuing to carry out audits in the sector.

In 2017-18 the ABCC recovered $262,398 in wages and entitlements for 186 employees in the building and construction sector. We expect to recover more money for workers over the coming year and beyond as we increase our focus on wages and entitlements with a dedicated team undertaking even more audits and an education and awareness campaign due to start soon.

Our experience of wages and entitlements audits shows that most employers are willing to work with the ABCC to ensure their workers are paid their due entitlements and to rectify errors when they are identified.

To help find out if you or your employees are being paid correctly visit the ABCC’s Wages and Entitlements Page.