We encourage you to have a look at our new easier to use website.

What you’ll find next time you visit:

  • New site structure - to help you find the resources and information you need quickly and easily.
  • New content - including more about wages, entitlements and your rights on site.
  • New anonymous reporting - the form allows building industry participants, particularly vulnerable workers and others on site, to report issues.
  • New Building Code section
    • The Building Code section is now arranged by project stage, so if you’re a contractor, you can jump straight to what you need at each stage of a project.
    • It also includes two assessment tools so you can check which Building Code applies to you or find out how to demonstrate your eligibility to tender in just a few clicks.

These changes are the result of user testing and research with a broad range of building industry participants. Thank you to everyone who responded to our callout to participate in research and helped us create a better experience for you next time you visit us.