The ABCC is undertaking a compliance campaign in the labour hire sector––a significant employer of building workers. The campaign is designed to help improve compliance and drive behavioural change.

Where potential contraventions are identified, the ABCC is working with employers to achieve compliance.

Issues being reviewed and rectified include:

  • where the wrong Enterprise Agreement is used – for example, the labour hire company uses the Enterprise Agreement of the host company rather than its own Enterprise Agreement or the Modern Award
  • labour hire companies failing to pay the correct allowances, in particular travel allowances for employees covered by the Building and Construction General On-Site Modern Award
  • labour hire companies paying ‘all-in’ rates.

In one instance a labour hire company in Queensland failed to pay the fares and travel allowances under the Modern Award. The ABCC provided education to the company and 12 apprentices were back-paid a total of $28,515.

If you want to know what you have to pay or what you should be paid, view our wages and entitlements web page.