This month marks our first anniversary since the ABCC was re-established on 2 December 2016.

In that time, we have continued to make significant progress in our core activities of education, compliance and enforcement.

Over the past 12 months, we have undertaken a huge amount of work to educate and assist the industry with 195 presentations delivered to close to 6000 stakeholders. We also received 7,492 enquiries and made 962 visits to building sites.

The introduction of the Building Code 2016 was a significant new body of work that saw the agency assess 2,583 enterprise agreements for compliance with the 2016 Code.

We have also undertaken proactive audits of wages and entitlements compliance and are working to educate the industry on their responsibilities in this area.

In addition to our education and compliance work, in our first year as the ABCC, the courts imposed more than $2.9 million in penalties in matters brought by the agency. The Commissioner also recommended a sanction against Brisbane-based Hutchinson Builders for breaches of the Code. As a result, Hutchinson was banned from tendering for or being awarded Commonwealth-funded building work for a period of three months.

Next year looks set to be yet another busy year for us as we ramp up our educational activities with a new user-friendly website and mobile app to assist the industry. As part of our role in ensuring code covered contractors comply with security of payment laws, we are also encouraging subcontractors who have not been paid in a reasonable and timely way to contact the ABCC for assistance and advice.

With these important educational and compliance activities, together with the 41 matters currently before the courts, the ABCC will continue striving to achieve our vision that all Australian building and construction workplaces are fair, efficient and productive.