The ABCC has identified four current education and compliance campaigns to be undertaken in the first half of 2019. The campaigns address the following areas:

  • fitness for work (zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol)
  • wages and entitlements
  • security of payment
  • labour market testing.

The education and compliance campaigns include a mix of site inspections and audits.

Site inspections can occur at any time without notice and establish the level of compliance on a site within a particular scope.

Audits are in-depth activities to help the ABCC assess a contractor’s compliance. You may be required to produce documentation.  The ABCC may also interview people and conduct site walks to assess compliance. As part of the audit process ABCC Inspectors may contact subcontractors to discuss on-site practices and any other issues relevant to the audit.

Information about current education and compliance campaigns is available on our website.  View our education and compliance campaigns webpage now.