Over the past couple of months, the ABCC has focused on education and compliance campaigns aimed at ensuring employers, employees and other building industry participants understand their rights and meet their obligations.

As regulator for the building industry, we see education as a critical responsibility.  We have provided a suite of education materials on our revamped website.

This edition of Industry Update serves to highlight our current education campaigns and audit program.  We want to be open and transparent with industry.  By providing information about our campaigns, it enables you to take proactive steps to ensure compliance with your obligations.

Our education and compliance campaigns form an essential part of our statutory responsibility. They highlight the importance of our being a full service regulator and a one-stop-shop for all enquiries in the building industry.

We understand that litigation will continue to play a key role in ensuring general deterrence. The use of civil litigation to enforce compliance is for us a last resort.  Our work in the education space plays an important role in ensuring unlawful conduct does not occur in the first place.  The same applies to Code sanctions.  We want to work with all building industry participants to ensure compliance with the Building Codes.

We will continue to service the building industry through our education and communication channels.  In the current financial year, we have:

  • delivered 116 presentations
  • conducted 1022 site visits
  • answered 2947 calls to our hotline
  • conducted 359 compliance activities

I encourage you to read more about our forward work plan and recent court matters in this edition.

Stephen McBurney
ABCC Commissioner