Tenders and EOIs require a WRMP if the Commonwealth has contributed either:

  • $10 million or more in funding; or
  • at least $5 million and is at least 50% of the project’s construction value.

A WRMP outlines the processes you will put in place in order to comply with the Code.

There is a helpful WRMP model guide available on our website.

Tenders for Commonwealth funded building work require an ABCC-approved Workplace Relations Management Plan from head contractors where either:
the Commonwealth contributes at least $10 million to the project; or
the Commonwealth contributes $5 million (which is at least 50% of the total construction project’s value).

A WRMP is a comprehensive plan for how a tenderer will comply with the Code, including proposed systems, processes and procedures.

Our WRMP form on our website has model clauses included to assist with preparing a compliant WRMP.