Industry Update

Strike? Stop and Think

FWBC released a new flyer on its website this month called ‘Strike? Stop and Think.’

The aim of the flyer is to give workers a quick guide to the consequences of unlawful strike action. It is in a format that can easily be printed and distributed or displayed at worksites.

The flyer covers four key facts that every worker should know before participating in a strike:


1.    It is your decision:

It’s your choice and your responsibility. If the strike is against the law you can lose pay, face court action, and be fined up to $10,200.

2.    Strikes are only lawful if:

The Fair Work Commission has authorised Protected Industrial Action for a proposed Industrial Agreement

3.    You can always ask questions:

Before you strike, make sure you know all the facts. Talk to your employer, site manager, FWBC or your union.

4.    If you unlawfully refuse to work:

You will lose a minimum of 4 hours pay.


The flyer can be downloaded from the FWBC website at and for further questions you can call our Hotline on 1800 003 338 for confidential advice.

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