Industry Update

Understanding your workplace rights is as easy as checking a box

The My Employment Checklist is the latest addition to FWBC’s suite of educative tools and resources to help people working in the construction industry understand their workplace rights and obligations.

The My Employment Checklist provides a number of questions to which workers can respond Y-‘yes’, N-‘no’, or ? –‘unsure’. Workers’ responses will provide a snapshot of their employment conditions.  If workers are not sure of some answers, FWBC is here to provide assistance.

Employment arrangements in the construction industry are unique due to the often transient or short-term nature of projects. This is, however, no excuse for workers to be ripped off.

Everyone deserves a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work and the My Employment Checklist should make it easier for workers to understand what they currently know about their employment conditions, and what they need to find out.

If you think you are being unpaid, or incorrectly classified as an independent contractor, you can contact FWBC for help. We have recovered $417,565 in wages and entitlements for Australian construction workers who have been underpaid. We have 22 active investigations into sham contracting and have taken legal action against seven employers for sham contracting offences.

It is a priority of FWBC to provide educative materials that are accessible and relevant - take a look at the My Employment Checklist for yourself and let us know if it was useful.

FWBC website: My Employment Checklist

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