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FWBC holds unions and representatives to account in Victoria

FWBC has had a busy month in the Victorian courts, with the filing of two significant legal proceedings.

Both cases arose due to industrial disputes between unions and construction companies.

Last Friday, FWBC filed proceedings against the CFMEU and ten of the union’s representatives in relation to the Grocon-CFMEU dispute in Victoria which culminated in large scale blockading at the Myer Emporium site in August and September this year.

The alleged contraventions occurred during a dispute between Grocon and the CFMEU regarding the employment of CFMEU-nominated shop stewards for Grocon work sites.

In another matter, FWBC filed a statement of claim in the Federal Court at Melbourne on 4 September alleging the CFMEU and six of its representatives engaged in strikes and blockades on five major construction projects last year, for which St Hillers was the head contractor.

The industrial action was allegedly taken with the intent to coerce St Hilliers to reinstate a long-serving employee in NSW, who had previously been a CFMEU delegate and workplace safety representative.

FWBC Chief Executive Leigh Johns said all industry participants will be held accountable if they contravene the law.

“Fair Work Building Industry Inspectors are on the ground, every day, investigating alleged breaches of workplace laws and FWBC will prosecute if the evidence stacks up,” he said.

“FWBC is fully resourced, committed to and focused on ensuring that the law is upheld.

“I am proud of FWBC’s record to date and congratulate my team for their extensive investigatory and legal work.”

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