Industry Update

Building Code – Caution about Private Construction Register

FWBC is aware of a small consultancy business which has established an unauthorised construction code compliance register.

The business is also offering advice to building and construction companies about whether they are compliant with state and Federal building codes. It claims that building and construction companies listed on the register comply with state and federal building codes, and are therefore eligible to tender for government-funded work.

It is understood the business charges substantial fees to companies wishing to be included on the register.

This register is not an official register and does not guarantee you are compliant with current or potential future state or federal building codes.

The concerns expressed by FWBC are shared by the state authorities for the Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland codes.

FWBC has written to the consultancy business requesting it remove misleading information from its website.

We have also referred the matter to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

More information about the proposed Commonwealth Code is available here.

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