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What’s new at FWBC? Chief Executive’s message

Welcome to the November edition of the FWBC Industry Update.

Since commencing operation on 1 June 2012, FWBC has been very active in the field. Fair Work Building Industry Inspectors have conducted almost a thousand site visits all over the country.

Personally, I have had an opportunity to observe construction activity in Port Hedland, Karratha, on Barrow Island and in Darwin. The importance of this construction activity to our nation’s economy underscores the importance of the work we do at FWBC.

Getting out and about is an important part of our regulatory work. Being on site from day one of the Grocon/CFMEU dispute in Melbourne meant we were able to commence legal proceedings within only seven weeks.

However, not all of our on-site work is about ‘hard’ compliance. At FWBC we place a high priority on providing information and advice to industry participants about workplace rights and responsibilities.

Consistent with our important advisory role, this month we have launched resources for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) workers in the construction industry.  In December we will publish a range of free resources which will assist employers to produce basic employment documents from a collection of templates.

This month’s Industry Update features articles on our CALD campaign and an explanation about how and where new Workplace Health & Safety Laws apply.
Also in this edition, we have a Q&A with FWBC’s Chief Counsel Brian Corney, a summary of recent court outcomes in Queensland – which directly benefitted a head contractor and subcontractors - and a summary of our Annual Report.

As always, we are happy for you to forward or re-publish this newsletter, or any of the articles in it.

Is there is anyone in your workplace whose first language is not English? If so, please let them know that our website now has a translated video and publications that provide an easy-to-understand explanation of workplace laws in the construction industry.

We value your feedback on our Industry Update. Please let us know your views at publicaffairs [at] (subject: Industry%20Update%20feedback) .

Leigh Johns
Chief Executive
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