Industry Update

Last chance for voluntary Building Code program

FWBC still has limited places available for you to join its voluntary Building Code audit program.

The program is completely free, and will help you prepare to become compliant with the new national Building Code.

The Federal Government has indicated it will release a revised national Building Code to replace the one introduced in early 2013.

If you want to tender for Government work, you will need to be compliant with the Code.

Volunteering to be part of our audit program is the best way to prepare. The program is non-prejudicial - during the program we are interested in trying to help you fix areas you might be going wrong rather than penalising you for your mistakes.

What is involved in FWBC’s voluntary program?

·         One-on-one advice;

·         Information packs;

·         Advice on what the new Code is likely to look like

If you would like more  information about the Code, or to register for the limited remaining places for FWBC’s voluntary Building Code audit program, please email enquiry [at]

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