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FWBC audit campaign to assess 400 employers

FWBC has launched a national audit campaign to ensure employees are paid correct base rates of pay, receive pay slips and that businesses are keeping appropriate employment records.

FWBC Chief Executive Leigh Johns said FWBC would audit about 400 employers in the commercial building and construction industry as part of the national campaign.

“Some FWBC investigations have revealed not all employers maintain compliant records and issue pay slips to their workers,” Mr Johns said.

“As the national independent regulator of the building and construction industry, we need to ensure employers are meeting their obligations.

“The purpose of this audit is to provide education in relation to record keeping and the provision of pay slips and to assess the current level of compliance within the building and construction industry. We aim to help employers understand their responsibilities.”

FWBC will advise businesses selected for audit by telephone and letter. The letter will detail the nature of the audit and request the employer voluntarily complete and return an audit entity form to help FWBC understand the nature of the business.

FWBC may have additional questions for the employer after the audit entity form is assessed.

A comprehensive question and answer document has been prepared and published on the FWBC website to provide an overview of how FWBC’s national targeted education and compliance audits will be conducted and the interaction employers and industry representatives can expect to have with FWBC during this campaign.

The FWBC website also contains best practice record-keeping and pay slip templates to make complying with workplace laws simple. These templates include information that is required to be kept by law, as well as information that is desirable to keep when managing your staff.

For more information on the audit campaign or on your rights and obligations as an employer or employee in the Australian building and construction industry, call FWBC’s hotline on 1800 003 338 or visit

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