Industry Update

Rally around the rally rules

FWBC has opened investigations into both employers and workers as a result of recent rallies.

Workers must get permission from their employer before leaving work to attend rallies, or risk breaking workplace laws and being brought before the courts.

Employers and unions could also face penalties if they are involved in paying or demanding strike pay.

Building and construction industry workers who attend a rally during their work hours without their employer’s permission could face court-imposed penalties of up to $10,200.

Employers or unions could be penalised up to $51,000 by the courts for involvement in paying or demanding strike pay.

FWBC Director Nigel Hadgkiss said workers have the right to attend peaceful rallies.

“Rallies have played an important part in advocating for change and we support the right of everyone to attend,” Mr Hadgkiss said.

“It is important however that workers understand they potentially face penalties if they break workplace laws by attending.

“If you do attend a rally, make sure you follow the law and get your employer’s permission to leave work.”

Employers and employees are encouraged to get in contact with FWBC if they need information about their workplace rights and responsibilities.

You can call us anonymously on our hotline 1800 003 338.

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