Industry Update

Enterprise agreements are a right not a requirement

FWBC has received reports of people being told they need an enterprise agreement to operate on sites.

This is not correct. Employers and employees have the right to make an enterprise agreement but it is not a requirement.

Employers can pay employees under the award system instead of negotiating an enterprise agreement.

An enterprise agreement can be tailored to meet the needs of particular employees while awards cover a whole industry or occupation.

Enterprise agreements can include the following:

  • Rates of pay
  • Employment conditions such as hours of work, meal breaks, overtime
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • Deductions from wages for any purpose authorised by an employee

It is also important for employers and employees to know that they are not required to have a specific enterprise agreement for an aspect of their work such as abseiling or scaffolding.

If you feel bullied or threatened to have an enterprise agreement then you may be the target of coercion.

If you believe this may be happening or has happened to you, call our hotline to speak to us confidentially.

For more information about your rights as an employer or employee please call our hotline on 1800 003 338.

More information about coercion is available here

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