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$2m in unpaid wages & entitlements in construction workers' pockets

 A recent milestone has been reached with $2m having been recovered in total wages and entitlements for 1528 workers comprising:

  • $331,984.29 for 388 workers in New South Wales
  • $536,174.17 for 592 workers in Victoria
  • $559,494.37 for 205 workers in Queensland
  • $255,419.33 for 163 workers in Western Australia
  • $84,717.59 for 29 workers in South Australia
  • $9,549.41 for 4 workers in Tasmania
  • $72,968.66 for 80 workers in the Australian Capital Territory and
  • $150,735.89 for 67 workers in the Northern Territory.

With our payslip and audit campaign currently underway, the agency will build on this impressive figure in coming weeks and months.

FWBC Acting Director Brian Corney said:

 “Most of the time these underpayments are unintentional and occur because the employer was referring to the wrong award, miscalculated what workers were entitled to or didn’t understand their obligations,” Mr Corney said.

FWBC’s website,, features a range of resources for employers and employees which can help determine if workers are being paid correctly and avoid hefty back-payments down the track.

FWBC’s hotline, 1800 003 338, is contactable seven days a week.

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FWBC website: Pay and Conditions

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