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Is notice required to work on a Rostered-Day-Off?

Employers who schedule their employees to work on a Rostered-Day-Off (RDO) may be required to give notice to a union beforehand.

FWBC is aware of reports that incorrect information about required notice or permission may have been provided to some site managers.

The first place to check for terms of employment is your relevant industrial instrument.

In most cases, there is a requirement under Enterprise Agreements with unions to provide notification only to the relevant union if work is to occur on an RDO.

It is important to remember that there may be different requirements for employees of a head contractor compared to workers employed by a subcontractor.

If there is no existing Enterprise Agreement with a union, then another industrial instrument such as the default industry Award may apply.

Each industrial instrument may have different terms. Employers must determine which instrument their workers are bound under when deciding whether they can work on an RDO, and what process is required beforehand.

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