Industry Update


Message from FWBC Director Nigel Hadgkiss

Welcome to the FWBC Industry Update.FWBC reached 30 June this year having initiated over 320 new investigations in the 2013-14 financial year.One particular area of concern remains Right of Entry breaches, and FWBC has been particularly busy in this regard.We have...

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Is the Federal entry permit original and printed?

When a union official shows a Federal permit at a site entrance, it should not be reduced in size or presented in digital form on a smartphone or other device. FWBC has recently seen repeated instances of right of entry Federal permits not being presented in their...

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Is notice required to work on a Rostered-Day-Off?

Employers who schedule their employees to work on a Rostered-Day-Off (RDO) may be required to give notice to a union beforehand.FWBC is aware of reports that incorrect information about required notice or permission may have been provided to some site managers.The...

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FWBC courts wrap-up

Here is an update of matters that have been in court recently:NEW CASES FILED WITH THE COURTSFWBC intervenes in Right of Entry matter involving CFMEU officials Powell and ClarkFWBC has intervened in a Magistrates Court matter where Health & Safety Representative...

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