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Happy new year for construction workers - $80,000 in recent recoveries

Fair Work Building Industry Inspectors have been busy over the Christmas and New Year period, recovering $80,000 in unpaid wages and entitlements for Australian construction workers in the past six weeks alone.

The recent recoveries include our first results in Tasmania since FWBC was established on 1 June 2012 - $4468 for a junior trades assistant and $5080 for three apprentice bricklayers. Other recent recoveries include:

Fair Work Building Industry Inspectors are alerted to, or become aware of, underpayments via a variety of methods. When we conduct National Code audits of construction companies, one of the things we check is that workers are being paid correctly, if we find any underpayments, we try to sort it out with the employer.

FWBC also responds to complaints from workers, who think they may be underpaid. Workers who suspect they may not be getting all they are owed can contact us via the hotline 1800 008 338 or through the website.

Employers should also give us a call if they are unsure about how much they should be paying their workforce – it could save you thousands of dollars in back-pay down the track. Most of the time, these underpayments occur because the employer has made an honest mistake. The New Year is the perfect time to get your books in order.

FWBC is determined to do all it can to ensure that all workers in Australia’s construction industry receive a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

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