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Happy Holidays from FWBC

This month we are not only celebrating the end of a great year of hard work, but a fantastic first six months of Fair Work Building & Construction (FWBC). Since we began operations as FWBC on 1 June, 2012, we have achieved some terrific things, including: 67...

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Check out the new FWBC website

FWBC’s new website went live on 30 November 2012.We listened to feedback from people working in the construction industry and tailored our website for them. The new layout is also designed to be user-friendly. contains a wide range of educational...

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Meet Heather Hausler - New FWBC Group Manager of Field Operations

The new year will bring a new role for FWBC’s Group Manager Enabling Services, Heather Hausler, who will move to the position of Group Manager of Field Operations next week. Heather will be charged with overseeing the operations of Fair Work Building...

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Know your rights on pattern bargaining

There are concerns among employers in the construction industry about the legalities of pattern agreements. This issue is particularly prevalent in Queensland at the moment.FWBC has created this article as a guide for employers and bargaining representatives to...

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Know your rights on sham contracting

If you are unsure if you should be classified as an employee or independent contractor, FWBC can help you to figure it out. We want to see everyone in the industry get a fair go, and that’s not happening if employees are being short-changed their entitlements....

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New templates make record-keeping simple

The FWBC website now hosts a range of new resources that will help employers in the construction industry to run their business fairly and productively. We have just added 28 new template documents to the website, which employers can download to their own...

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Modern awards simplified

FWBC has created a new section on our website to summarise modern awards that apply to workers in Australia’s construction industry. The first award we have summarised is the Building and Construction General On-site Award 2010 which applies to national...

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We've been everywhere, man

Fair Work Building Industry Inspectors have conducted 1197 site visits since FWBC began operations on 1 June 2012, many of them have been in regional and suburban areas. It is important to us at FWBC that we are as accessible to the industry as possible and...

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