Industry Update

Message from the Director

Welcome to the latest FWBC Industry Update.

The new financial year is well underway and FWBC continues to manage a high number of investigations across the country.

This month’s Industry Update looks at two types of construction site visitors: FWBC investigators, and union officials.

FWBC investigators have a range of powers under the Fair Work (Building Industry) Act 2012 which allow them to enter construction sites, inspect work, view documentation, ask questions and obtain records or information.

Union officials may likewise enter sites for certain purposes, such as holding discussions with employees or performing inspections under Occupational Health and Safety laws, provided they hold a valid permit issued under the Fair Work Act (2009) and have met terms of entry as required.

If you need advice on who can enter your site and what entry requirements or powers exist, you can call the FWBC Hotline and speak to one of our staff.

We welcome any ideas or feedback you have on our Industry Update.


Nigel Hadgkiss


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