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Court orders unions to pay $65k penalty for QLD strikes

On 10 July 2013, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia ordered the CFMEU and CEPU to pay penalties totalling $65,000 for their involvement in unlawful industrial action taken against Brookfield Multiplex.

Thirty-seven workers stopped work for a day-and-a-half at the Gold Coast Hilton site after CFMEU representatives told them Brookfield Multiplex was engaged in sham contracting.

On the same day, 65 workers stopped work at the Wintergarden shopping precinct in Brisbane. The workers returned to work the following day.

The Court ordered the CFMEU to pay $50,000 in penalties. The CEPU was ordered to pay $15,000.

Further information

Case summary – FWBC v Sutherland, Jarvis, O’Doherty, Pearson, Lynch, BLF, CFMEU & CEPU

Media release - Court orders CFMEU and CEPU to pay $65,000 in penalties in FWBC case

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