Industry Update

New Building Code released

On 17 April, Employment Minister Eric Abetz released the Federal Government’s proposed new Building Code.


Contractors who want to apply for Federal Government funded work will need to be code-compliant.


Minister Abetz said the new Code is “designed to restore the rule of law and fairness to Australia’s construction sector”.


The new Code will start when the Bill to restore the Australian Building Construction Commission becomes an Act.


Once it starts, the Code will apply to all enterprise agreements reached after 24 April this year. 

It is therefore important that industry participants currently involved in enterprise negotiations carefully consider the Code.


Once a contractor is covered by the new Code, they will have to adhere to it on future privately funded work, as well as on the Federal Government project they first tendered for. Contractors who tender for Federal Government work but do not win that contract will still be bound by the Code on future non-Government projects.


You can find more information about the proposed new Building Code here or call FWBC’s Hotline on 1800 003 338.

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