Industry Update

Message from the Director

Hello and welcome to the latest Industry Update.


I would like you all to know that FWBC has a new vision and a new mission.


As Director, my vision is ambitious: “That all Australian building and construction workplaces are productive and harmonious.”


It is my job to keep the agency’s eye on the ball, and on the end goal: that there are productive and harmonious worksites for all.


I emphasise the ‘all’ because in my mind, the ‘all’ includes unions, workers and employers.


FWBC’s also has a new mission: “To ensure that the Rule of Law prevails in the Australian building and construction industry.”


Where workplace laws may have been broken on building and construction sites across Australia, FWBC investigates.


If our investigation leads us to believe the law has been broken, we then put the matter before the courts.


My agency cannot pick and choose who it investigates or brings before the courts. I plan to uphold the law on construction sites, regardless of who breaks it.


I realise that achieving this vision and mission will be challenging. But I am determined, because you, the people who work in Australia’s building and construction industry not only deserve it, but need it.



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