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Unpaid employee entitlements? Where to go for help

If your employer goes into liquidation or becomes bankrupt and can’t pay you the entitlements you are owed, you may be eligible for assistance through the Australian Government’s safety net scheme called the Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG).

FEG replaced the General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme (GEERS) from 5 December 2012 as the assistance program for unpaid employee entitlements.

Through FEG, assistance is available for:

  • up to 13 weeks of unpaid wages
  • annual leave
  • long service leave
  • payment in notice of lieu – maximum of five weeks
  • redundancy pay – maximum of four weeks per full year of service.

The eligibility requirements are outlined in the Fair Entitlements Guarantee Act 2012.

The easiest way to lodge a claim for assistance is online at FEG Online Services.

The GEERS scheme continues to apply to unpaid employee entitlement claims for employer insolvency events that occurred before 5 December 2012.

Further information

FEG website

GEERS website

FEG & GEERS Hotline - 1300 135 040

FWBC website


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