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New leadership at FWBC - Acting Director's message

As many of you would already be aware, the Australian Government has appointed former FWBC Chief Executive Leigh Johns as a Fair Work Commissioner.

Leigh resigned as FWBC Chief Executive to take up the appointment and commenced his new role earlier this month. I am acting as FWBC’s Director until the current recruitment process for the appointment of a Director is concluded.

On behalf of the agency, I’d like to thank Leigh for the 36 months that he led FWBC and its predecessor agency, with a determination to see a building and construction industry that is fair and productive. The agency warmly congratulates Leigh on his appointment to the Fair Work Commission, the key national industrial tribunal.

In addition to Leigh’s departure, there has been a lot going on at FWBC.

We have continued to promote our Know Your Worth campaign to equip apprentices and young people working in the building industry.   

The microsite aims to equip young workers with all of the information they need to make sure they are receiving their proper entitlements.  It has been well received at every TAFE and university that FWBC youth ambassadors have visited in recent weeks. We look forward to engaging further with many more young people through presentations to those studying trades in the industry.

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