Industry Update

Hot off the press - brochure for employees

FWBC has created a short brochure – Working in the Building and Construction Industry - about employees’ rights and responsibilities.

The publication should take just a few minutes out of workers’ smoko break to read and provides basic information about industrial action, minimum pay and entitlements, termination requirements, freedom of association, coercion and sham contracting.

It also provides FWBC’s contact details should workers require further information or advice.

As the regulator of workplace relations laws in the construction industry, FWBC has an important role to ensure that everyone in the building and construction industry has access to the right information, is treated fairly and is encouraged to do the right thing. FWBC is happy to provide copies of the Working in the Building and Construction Industry brochure, should you want to stock some for your employees. Just email us at publicaffairs [at] and we will help you out.

Further information:

FWBC website

FWBC hotline: 1800 003 338

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