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Welcome to the latest Industry Update.In this edition you can read about a number of newly filed court cases, the Fair Work Commission’s decision to refuse three right of entry permits, and we do a Q&A to help you better understand FWBC’s role.The...

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CFMEU may be banned from paying its officials’ fines

The Federal Court has suggested penalties made against CFMEU officials should not be paid by the CFMEU. “If the primary purpose of imposing a penalty is deterrence, there may be little deterrence if a penalty imposed upon a union official is simply reimbursed...

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FWBC puts Tier One contractor before Federal Court

A major Queensland construction company is facing court action after it allegedly refused to work with a crane company which had not signed a “bona-fide EBA” with the manager at the construction company advising “it would be advisable for you...

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CFMEU official allegedly tells building contractor “you’re on the top of our hit list” & threatens “500 blokes” will go onsite

The CFMEU is facing Federal Court action after one of its officials allegedly told a building contractor “you’re on the top of our hit list” after he was asked to comply with right of entry laws.The same CFMEU official, Stephen Long, also allegedly...

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CFMEU official allegedly threatens ‘war’ and another ‘Kane’ situation

The CFMEU and two of its officials are facing court action after they refused to obey right of entry laws at the $45 million Taxi Lane Replacement Project at Melbourne Airport.FWBC alleges that while on site, CFMEU official Mark Travers threatened an operations...

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Q & A with FWBC

To learn more about FWBC and clear up common misunderstandings about the agency, we have prepared a short questions and answer. If you think this information will be helpful to people you know in the building and construction industry, please forward it on to them...

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Three CFMEU officials’ permit applications refused

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has recently refused to grant CFMEU officials Timothy Jarvis, Andrew TeMoho and Michael Myles, Federal Right of Entry permits.Deputy President Gostencnik refused Mr Jarvis and Mr TeMoho’s applications, deciding that neither...

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