Industry Update

Message from the Director

A number of issues loom large this year, and it is more important than ever that people in the building and construction industry can stay in touch with the right information from FWBC.

To help get the correct information when and where it is needed, I am pleased to announce FWBC has launched an App for iPhone, iPad and Android.

The new FWBC App will help people get crucial information based on their role in the industry, and comes with real life examples to help identify on-site issues. The FWBC App article in this edition of Industry Update has more information and a download link.

2015 also sees a shift in strategy for FWBC as we undertake 2013 Building Code audits.

FWBC’s approach in 2014 was to help those in the industry unsure of their obligations to become compliant, through voluntary audits against the 2013 Building Code.

The new strategy will see FWBC move to compulsory audits, which means any 2013 Building Code breaches found by our investigators may result in sanctions being recommended and contractors being excluded from tendering for Government work.

In other news, safety has recently become an area of particular concern. The number of reports where union officials have ignored safety rules on site is worrying, and sets a poor example in the industry.

The law allows union officials who hold valid permits to enter sites under certain conditions, but when they do so, they must obey the law, especially site safety rules, which are designed to protect not just them, but workers as well.

You can read more about all of these issues in this edition of Industry Update.

If you have any ideas or topics that you would like to hear about in 2015, please send us your direct feedback via the contact details below.


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